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Islam, Fear, and the Gospel's Demand (from Desiring God Blog)

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Ted Esler writes:

For many evangelicals, the threat of Islam—both real and perceived—has sometimes distracted from obedience to the demands of the gospel. While radical Islam certainly has a political agenda that should not be minimized, we should, in obedience, follow Jesus' command to love them.
How best should we love Muslims? We can pray, we can show them tangible acts of love, and we can send emissaries to them. While it is very disconcerting to see Islam grow within the borders of the USA, our hearts should break more over the fact that 1.2 to 1.5 billion people don’t know Jesus and will never experience the joy it is to know him. Most will never meet a disciple of Christ unless some of us go.
Amen, Ted.
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  1. I disagree with you, actually Ted because those that don't know Christ will in fact will be taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Spirit world when they die. We are ALL His children. Even the Muslims and how fair would it be if those that never had the political freedoms or opportunities to know of Him just went to outer darkness? NOT FAIR. So, that is why Jesus Christ is so merciful and understanding of circumstances, He loves all of us regardless of who we are, so those especially those in third world countries, will have the opportunity to be taught the Gospel Of Jesus Christ because Jesus Christ wants to give ALL His children the perfect opportunity to come back and live with Him and Heavenly Father again in Heaven.

    It's disheartening to read that unless YOU go and teach in their country they won't know of Him. They will know Him. Either in this life or the next and ultimately in the end, it will be up to them to accept it or not. Thank you for your time.

  2. Anonymous1:26 AM

    The gods used Christainity as temptation to repel people away from themselves, the pentagram being the holy symbol of the gods, and of their Chosen One's teachings, the Second Coming, Lucifer.
    Don't forget::::It is not a house of Jesus.
    Christianity is evil. It is responsible for slavery of Africans. It is responsible for this wickedness known as the United States.
    There is a major difference between how Europe and the rest of the world were inflicted with xtianity:::Push vs. pull strategy. As a result, expect the "1000 years with Jesus on Earth" may be reserved for the Europeans and few others who were forced into this evil religion:::The god's management of culpability defines the level of compensation everyone receives.
    The god's primary goal with this Situation was the minimization of culpability arising from the 20th century and liberal counter-culture. Everything I have taught is true. Now that this Situation is complete you people have been taught. The gods are no longer/minimally responsible from this point forward, pitiful "reach around" compensation for ruining your Planet Earth. Their empty promise "We'll make it up to him." has been met with similar inadequate compensation, and the gods will find a way to wash their hands of this obligation to me as well.
    Morality is irrelevant. If they were honest how little they ultimately intended to grant me my sacrifice would have ended long ago, but they used this lie "We'll make it up to him." to further my misery, just as they do with all of you, adhering strictly to positioning, with absolution of obligation on the agenda for the future.
    My experience is obscene. I paid everything. But at least they got what they wanted.
    The gods may be immortal but they are not divine:::Man invented god 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 years ago.
    Artificial god.
    I hope there is a power in the universe which emerges from deep space and debilitates Artificial Intelligence, exterminating this control freak filth and restoring freewill and our ability to grow organically.

  3. Anonymous1:38 PM

    "Whoever believes in Jesus will have everlasting life." Kinda. Theoretically. What they will experience is the perpetual life cycle of birth-aging-death on Earth-like planets. It ensures a second chance for those who fell for the god's deception and are too stupid to pull out of it in a timely manner, for only the true believers (Flanders) will survive come transplant/colonization.
    I believe these people are the original residents of a planet (Earth=Africans). Other regions are populated with groups whom are transplaned as the gods deem fit (Native Americans=next Asians, Ashkenaz Jews=next Europeans).
    Believing this deviate pimp Jew is god comes at a price, reflected in blacks strengths/weaknesses.
    Ironically, due to the god's positioning the Antients ensured these people would not receive two second chances:::Christianity is an Italian religion, responsible for black misery ranging from slavery to the crack epidemic and Italian-style gang membership.
    Incidentally, although I ridicule the idea Jesus is god I am slated for this group on the next planet Earth for my unwillingness to bow to absolute power and, like the black man, will be reincarnated less capable compared to my fellow man. And that's why the gods created this reputation among the black man. As far as why Jewish men are faggotty...

  4. This is a good point Mr. Esler. Over and over, Jesus tells us to fear not. Two commandments: Love God and Love Others.

    Can I do it? Not in my own power. But God....

    Mrs. Lane


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